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kaiamara's Journal

The Checkered Wonder

Being an Aries is Love.

Axis Powers Hetalia Canada

Follow The Wind Kingdom Hearts; Keyblades

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Katherine. Sixteen. Female. Brunette. Short. Short curly hair.

Likes reading, to write, to organize things, cleaning. Interested in music (mainly instrumental). Loves classical music. Plays the Soprano/Alto/Bass Clarinet, Bassoon. Learning Tenor Sax. Enjoys just sitting, under a tree or on a hill.

A proud, proud Scottish-Canadian (born in Canada). Doing a decent job of learning French. Wants to learn Latin. Enjoys organizing things. A little awkward in the head. Has a speaking and a hearing problem. Stays in her room most of the day. Dislikes wearing socks. Cursive is the way to write.

Hates cutting her nails. Meticulous. Stubborn as a damn mule/ram/bull.

Table made by minty_peach

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I am Daidouji Tomoyo~

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Xigbar > you. ♥

Sora is facial-expressions-love
pics bychiyosuke

Axel is freakin' smexy Love

You know, it's deplorable...

Sora and Roxas is twin LOVE